Thomas Foods International

Giving back to our communities is integral to our mission

TFI, at its core, is a business driven by family values. We care about the people we work with, the animals that live on our farms, and the communities we live and work in. 

As part of our mission to feed families globally, TFI considers it our privilege to be able to give back to those in the community that need it the most. From providing assistance to Foodbank, Australia’s largest hunger relief organisation, to supporting the local sporting club, we’re committed to making a difference. 

Thomas Foods International receives an extraordinary amount of sponsorship and donation requests from various individuals and organisations each week and has developed these guidelines to make our requirements clear to those requesting sponsorship:

  • Whilst we consider all requests, TFI prefers to support organisations as opposed to individuals
  • All requests must be submitted via the online application form
  • Handwritten, faxed, emailed or phone call requests will not be considered
  • Requests will be reviewed against Thomas Foods’ selection criteria
  • You will receive a response within six weeks of submitting your request

Request a Sponsorship

    To request a sponsorship, please download, complete and supply the documents attached below.

    Sponsorship Request Form