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A Diverse Range of Premium Meat

As consumer demand for meat products evolves, businesses need to adapt their offering to satisfy these changing needs. TFI understands the challenges this can pose to businesses, and offers a broad product range of premium lamb, beef, goat, mutton, and co-products that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of different markets around the world. 


Enjoy the confidence of TFI’s consistent quality and high standards, every time. 

Australian Meat Premium Quality

Putting Health and Safety First

Assured Quality Control

Our industry-leading cold chain quality control system is in place to help us deliver the freshest meat products to our customers, no matter where they are in the world. Computer-controlled plate freezers and chill tunnels ready our products for transport in approved vehicles and temperature-controlled containers.

Australian Meat - Animal Welfare

Working with Compassion

Animal Welfare

TFI ensures that all the animals in our supply chain are treated with compassion, so that they live as comfortable and stress-free lives as possible. We adhere to the highest level of animal health and welfare standards through all governing and advisory bodies.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

Innovative Technology

TFI uses an industry-leading ‘cold-chain’ quality control system to maintain the quality and shelf life of our end products throughout the production process. We perform quality control checks along the entire supply chain, right up to the point that a shipment reaches the customer. We also use DNA samples that allow whole of life traceability for our premium beef, lamb and goat products.

Premium Australian Meat Hygiene

Hygiene and Quality Control

Food Safety

Australia is renowned globally for having the strictest quality assurance programs anywhere in the world. At TFI we exceed these standards at every stage of the supply chain, from sourcing to final delivery. 



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