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Perfect for pies, slow-cooked curries, and pot-roasts, good quality mutton is a favourite meat in a range of different markets. TFI sources high quality sheep to produce a broad range of products and delivers around the world.


A Boneless Shoulder is prepared by removing all the bones from a Bone in Square Cut Shoulder. This cut is great for roasting or enjoy it slow cooked.

Shoulder Meat consists of specific primal cuts and associated trimmings.

Our Boneless, Rolled, Tubed Mutton Shoulders are a popular option for grilling and hot pot dishes.

Our Foreshank is a great option for slow cooking or cover roasting dishes.


The Backstrap is derived from the 1st cervical vertebra to the lumbosacral junction.

Eye of Short Loin is a portion of the Backstrap, tender, lean and boneless. This cut is very similar to the Rib Eye of beef, only smaller. A versatile cut, the Backstrap can be grilled, roasted, diced or sliced into steaks.

The Tenderloin is a lean and tender cut that suits quick, gentle and dry cooking methods.

Derived from the end of the Tenderloin, the Tenderloin Butt is a small and flavoursome. Similar to the Tenderloin found in a beef carcase, it is ideal for grilling or diced dishes.


Our Lamb Leg Chump On is prepared from a Bone in Lamb Leg Chump on with all bones, cartilage, sinew, ligamentum nuchae and lymph nodes removed. A great cut for further butchery or roasting.

Our whole Lamb Leg, included the Chump and Shank with no bones removed. One of our most popular cuts and great for roasting or slow cooking.

Completely boneless, our Lamb Leg Chump On Shank Off is prepared from a Leg Chump On by the removal of the shank (extensor) at the stifle joint. Great for roasting or further butchery.

Completely boneless, excluding the Patella Bone, the Mutton Patella is a good option for cubing, cooking or further processing applications


Trunk Meat is prepared from the Trunk, less the Breast and Flap.

Boneless Breast and Flap is a popular cut enjoyed through Asia. Prepared from a Breast and Flap with all bones and cartridge removed. A great option for hot pot dishes and grilling.

Mutton 6 Way is derived from a full carcase, including the Leg, Loin and Forequarter.

Trimmings are portions of meat remaining after the preparation of primal cuts from a Carcase. This options is primarily for diced meat or burger production.



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