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With a reputation for being consistently flavoursome and tender, Angus beef is the most sought-after beef breed in the world. TFI has taken this reputation a step further. In response to consumer demand for naturally farmed premium beef, we developed the Angus Pure brand.


The Short Loin is prepared from a Hindquarter. This primal is generally purchased for further butchery and is commonly sliced into T-Bone steaks.

Derived from the Hindquarter, with the Flank removed, our Striploin is the perfect cut whether it be prepared as a roast or as a popular porterhouse steak.

Enjoyed sliced into steaks, the Steak Ready Striploin is prepared from the Striploin, with subcutaneous fat trimmed 1-2 inches on the dorsal edge.


The Brisket Point End is prepared from a Brisket by the removal of the Navel End and is a popular item for smoking or slow cooking.

Brisket Point End (Deckle Off) is prepared from a Brisket by the removal of the Navel End portion and is a popular item for smoking or slow cooking.

Best enjoyed smoked and slow cooked, the Brisket Navel End is prepared from a Brisket by the removal of the Point End and following the caudal edge of the specified rib.


The shin shank is derived from either Forequarter/Hindquarter legs. Enjoyed roasted or braised to excite the mouth-watering juices from the bone.

Our Chuck is prepared from a Forequarter by the removal of the Rib Set at the specified rib number. The chuck is a common primal used for diced meat in casseroles.

Smoked and roasted or sliced into think steaks for searing, the chuck eye roll is prepared from the chuck by the removal of the neck.

The Chuck Eye Roll is prepared from the Chuck Roll by removing portion of the M. serratus ventralis. The Chuck Roll is a versatile cut, it can be prepared by smoking and roasting, or sliced into steaks for pan searing.

The Chuck Tender is a conical shaped muscle derived from the blade bone. A great cut for slicing into steaks and grilling, braising or enjoy as a roast.

Perfect for the Sunday roast, the Bolar Blade is derived from the Blade and includes a large portion of the triceps group of muscles.

Our Oyster Blade is prepared from the blade by the removal of the Bolar Blade. Enjoyed sliced into Oyster Blade Steaks.


Our Cube Roll, also known as the Scotch Fillet or Rib Eye, is prepared from the Forequarter. A cut of pure tenderness, enjoy it as a roast or grill it either whole or in steaks.

Ribs Prepared (Bone In Ribeye) are derived from a Forequarter after the removal of the Brisket and Chuck Square Cut. Broken down into individual steaks and cooked on the grill, the bone left in provides extra flavour for the palette.

The Tomahawk is prepared from a Cap-off OP Rib. Bone length and Frenching is 200mm 280 mm. This primal is broken down into individual ribs for a Tomahawk steak.

Derived from the Ribs Prepared, by the removal of the Cap and Frenched to 75mm is our OP Rib Cap Off Frenched. Just like the Tomahawk, this cut is best prepared as individual steaks and cooked on the grill.

Enjoy seasoned and cooked slowly, Short Ribs are prepared from a Forequarter after the removal of the Brisket, Ribs Prepared and Chuck Square Cut.

Similar to Short Ribs, the Chuck Short Ribs are enjoyed when cooked slowly. Derived from a Chuck they comprises of the ribs, intercostal muscles and the major portion of the M. serratus ventralis.

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Often enjoyed slowly cooked, accompanied with a marinade, Chuck Rib Meat is prepared from a Chuck after the removal of the Brisket and Chuck Roll.

From the portion of rib meat remaining after the removal of the Chuck Roll you find Chuck Meat, great for thinly slicing and grilling or dicing for casseroles.

Rib Meat is the portion of rib covering from the 5th to the 8th rib with the external fat surface are removed. Enjoy thinly sliced, marinated and grilled.

Intercostal muscles are derived from the muscle in between the ribs.

A popular cut for slicing thinly and grilling, the Inside Skirt is located on the inside abdominal wall of the hindquarter.


Corned and slow cooked, the Silverside is situated lateral/caudal to the femur bone and attached to the aitchbone and is removed by following the natural seam between the Thick Flank and Topside. This cut is most commonly corned and slow cooked.

Corned and slow cooked or roasted, the Outside is prepared from the Silverside by the removal of the heel muscle.

Outside Flat is prepared from an Outside by the removal of the Outside Flat along the natural seam between the Eye Round and the Outside Flat. Another great option for corning and slow cooking.

The Eye Round is prepared from the Outside by following the natural seam between the Outside Flat and the Eye Round separating the two muscles. Commonly enjoyed as a roast, it can also be sliced into lean steaks, perfect for grilling.

Outside Meat is prepared from an Outside by separating the Outside Flat and Eye Round along the natural seam.

A great cut for roasting or further butchery for steaks, the Topside is situated at the caudal and medial to the femur bone and removed by following the natural seam between the Thick Flank and Silverside.

Topside Cap Off is prepared from the Topside. With the cap removed, cooking methods are similar to the Topside, roasted and sliced into steaks.

Topside Cap consists of the M. gracilis muscle removed from the Topside along the natural seam.

Thick Flank is removed along the natural seams between the Topside and Silverside. The patella, joint capsule and surrounding connective tissue are removed. To experience the full flavour of this cut, the thick flank is best seared and then roasted.

A Thin Flank is prepared from a Hindquarter cut, comprising of a strong meat grain running in a single direction. This is perfect for think steaks or stir fry dishes.

Our knuckle is derived from a Thick Flank by removing the cap muscle and associated fat. It is exceptionally lean and is commonly used for roasts or cut into smaller cubes for kebabs.

Commonly enjoyed as a roast or purchased for further butchery, the Rump is prepared from a Sirloin Butt by the removal of the abdominal muscles from the tail.

Derived from the Rump, our D-Rump is prepared by the removal of the tail by a cut following the natural seam of the beginning of the tail. Similar to the Rump, the D-Rump is commonly enjoyed as a whole roast, broken down into individual muscle roasts or sliced into rump steaks.

A Rostbiff is derived from a Rump and is enjoyed roasted or grilled either whole or cut seamlessly across the grain into flavoursome steaks.

Great for roasting or grilling, the Rump Cap is prepared from a Rump by removal of the cap muscle along the natural seam.

Our Tri-Tip is the portion of the triangle shape muscle separated from the Rump and is enjoyed as  small roast or cooked quickly on a high heat on a grill.

Flap Meat is prepared from the Internal Flank Plate with the thin tapered ends of the muscle trimmed. Enjoy thinly sliced and grilled on a high heat.

The Hindquarter leg is removed by a cut through the stifle joint removing the tibia/tarsal bones including the surrounding flexor muscle groups. Although slightly larger than the forequarter, the hindquarter shank can also enjoyed roasted or braised.

Our Taiwan Shin Shank (Shin Special Trim) is prepared from the Shin / Shank with the muscles seamed into their individual groups.

Groups A, C, E & F


Stated in the name itself, our Tenderloin (Eye Fillet) is arguably the most tender cut on the carcase. Prepared from the Hindquarter and the side strap muscle remains attached. A great cut to be separated into individual eye fillet steaks and grilled.

Option to remove side strap

Our Butt Tenderloin is the portion of the Tenderloin remaining on the lateral surface of the Short Loin. Perfect roasted or grilled on the barbeque.


The Tongue Swiss Cut is prepared form the Tongue by removal of the hyoid bone, sublingual salivary glands and M.

Thin Skirt is the costal muscle portion of the diaphragm. Similar to the Inside Skirt, this cut is a great option for slicing thinly and grilling.

Prepared best by thinly slicing and grilling over coals, the Thick skirt is derived from the lumbar portion of the diaphragm.

Angus Pure Grass Fed

The lush pastures of Southern Australia are renowned for their crisp, clean water, abundant blue sky and a temperate year-round climate. Our Angus Pure Grass Fed cattle are raised and roam freely in this perfect environment, allowing you to enjoy premium, tender grass fed beef, just the way nature intended.

Angus Pure Grain Fed

Our signature feeding program is tailored to harness every ounce of energy and protein from locally sourced wheat and barley, setting our Angus Pure Grain Fed beef apart. Combined with our strong commitment to quality, this results in consistent, well marbled Angus Pure Grain Fed beef.

Premium Australian Angus Beef For Every Requirement

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