Thomas Foods International

Bringing Australian Angus Beef to Your Table

With a reputation for being consistently flavoursome and tender, Angus beef is the most sought-after beef breed in the world. TFI has taken this reputation a step further. In response to consumer demand for naturally farmed premium beef, we developed the Angus Pure brand.

Angus Pure Grass Fed

The lush pastures of Southern Australia are renowned for their crisp, clean water, abundant blue sky and a temperate year-round climate. Our Angus Pure Grass Fed cattle are raised and roam freely in this perfect environment, allowing you to enjoy premium, tender grass fed beef, just the way nature intended.

Angus Pure Grain Fed

Our signature feeding program is tailored to harness every ounce of energy and protein from locally sourced, GMO-Free wheat and barley, setting our Angus Pure Grain Fed beef apart. Combined with our strong commitment to quality, this results in consistent, well marbled Angus Pure Grain Fed beef.

Premium Australian Angus Beef For Every Requirement

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