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From the farm to the family table

Our approach is strongly rooted in the values we live by. TFI is and has always been a business driven by family values. Our approach is focused on safety, sustainability, and uncompromising quality of service.

These ideals are woven into the fabric of our business, impacting everything that we do. It’s these values that drive us to continuously improve and seek better ways of working.

We take the farm to family table ethos seriously. Our farms ensure that our livestock are given the best start possible. Our processing operations are strategically located and use innovative quality control and handling processes at every step. Our distribution channels are well-established, highly efficient and designed to ensure food arrives on dinner tables at the highest possible quality. All of these elements work together to ensure the food on your plate is the best it can be, every time. 

Our Approach to Relationships

Consistent Supply, Strong Relationships

Long-Standing Relationships

TFI owns and operates a number of farms and processing plants strategically located to make the most of Australia’s climate and transportation systems. We also develop long-standing relationships with trusted producers and suppliers to ensure we always have the flexibility to accommodate large or small orders, all with the same quality assurance. 

High quality Australian Seafood

We Don’t Compromise on Quality

Commitment to Quality

Maintaining product standards is part of the TFI promise. All of our processing systems comply with the appropriate regulations and accreditations, with the flexibility to tailor our products to our customers’ particular specifications. Our team works to maintain consistently high standards and ensure every product is the best it can be.

Our Approach to Safety

Strict Quality Assurance Standards

Health and Safety

Health and safety is a vital part of quality assurance. Our strict quality assurance standards are met throughout the entire food production process to maintain the quality and shelf life of our end products. Our products pass the strictest, most stringent safety and hygiene standards set anywhere in the world. 

Putting safety first

Experimenting with New Ideas


We’re always experimenting with new ideas, new tastes, and new products to help us provide a better service for our customers. As consumer tastes and preferences change, so do our offerings, ensuring that our customers are able to access and stock the products they need. We also use the latest technological advances and engineering innovations to improve the freshness and quality of our products. 

The people behind the process

Providing a Better Service

Continuous Improvement

We are always searching for ways to provide a better service for our customers. This is why we have invested in a world-leading ERP software program; to improve our communication with customers. We will look at anything and everything that can streamline our operation and allow us to serve and benefit our customers better.

Delivering premium quality food products with exceptional customer service

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