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Our Wholesale Range


This is our premium offering. Before a product will be packed in this range, it has to the best in its class. These include lambs handpicked from specific farms and from a variety of niche programs, such as organic lamb, and grass- or grain-fed lamb. Our Signature series also uses Meat Standards Authority (MSA) Grading technology for lamb to further underpin our quality.


Our Supreme range offers our customers the ability to select high quality Australian lamb from a variety of programs, while managing profitability. The range includes chilled lamb products accredited by the (MSA), as well as specific lamb products sourced from certain regions of Australia.


Our Classic range is our fundamental range, and is what TFI was built on. Lamb products in our classic range can be fresh or frozen, and are delivered with the same dedication to quality control, food safety and deliverability as our more premium ranges.

Premium Australian Lamb For Every Market

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