Thomas Foods International

PUBLISHED August 1, 2019

Thomas Family Guarantee Building Global Appetite for High Quality Australian Meat

Greater supply chain transparency is an essential ingredient in securing and building the future appetite for Australian meat, says 100% family owned processing company Thomas Foods International.

“In this highly competitive global market, consumers understandably want reassurance they are receiving top quality produce,” TFI national livestock manager Paul Leonard said.

“Australia already has a reputation for high quality.  However, it’s important for our industry and farmers across the country, that we continue to provide proof of this comparative advantage.

“By providing transparency and verification through meaningful quality assurance programs we can continue to access lucrative target markets for Australian primary producers.”

To this end, TFI has launched the Thomas Family Guarantee.

As the company’s own livestock certification program, the Thomas Family Guarantee aims to protect, and build on, Australia’s reputation for the highest quality, ethically and sustainably raised beef, lamb, mutton and goat products.

Under the Thomas Family Guarantee certification, produce will be verified as meeting labelling requirements including:

It also incorporates optional additional programs for Grass Fed, Grain Fed and Organic classifications.

“This is a non-onerous, concise and standardised program that provides the key supply chain information markets across the globe are demanding of imported meat products, particularly in the USA and European Union,” Mr Leonard said.

“Ultimately, the Thomas Family Guarantee is all about securing the best outcomes for our customers and suppliers.”

For more information go to: call the Thomas Foods International Livestock department on (08) 81655100.